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Dan Priotti Agua Construction CompanyMost kids who visit Florida from New York leave with the hope of returning again for another sun-soaked vacation. Dan Priotti left knowing that he would return to pursue his passion: construction. Today, with over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry, Dan owns and operates Agua Construction and Agua Pools, and his passion has flourished into a thriving business.

Dan grew up in the construction industry and remembers being on job sites when he was a little boy. As he became older, so did his responsibilities, eventually leading him to custom home construction, home additions and remodeling, and custom pool construction. He did not mind working for others, but he always dreamed of owning a construction company. That dream nearly shattered when he got into an accident that left him paralyzed.

A situation like Dan’s may have led someone else to call it quits, but Dan was undefeated. Channeling his passion and drive, he continued to work in the construction industry, building houses and pools. Ultimately, he returned to college and earned his degree in construction management. When the economy rebounded, Dan formed Agua Construction Company and Agua Pools.



Agua Construction Company and Agua Pools offers custom home building, home remodeling, additions, and pool construction for all clients, but they specialize in handicap accessibility, a feature that is especially important to Dan himself.

Part of what has kept Dan motivated is that he doesn’t consider construction to be his job, but rather his calling. He builds dreams for his clients, and carefully oversees all of the work to ensure top-notch quality.

Dan wants to “build backyard vacations” for all, and the quality of his product is proof that his customers will be as happy staying at home as they would be at a resort.

He originally learned how to build a pool when he lived in the Palm Coast area, but his proficiency in pool building was attained in South Florida. There, experts taught him how to correctly build pools by building them to conform with Florida’s underground water table levels.

Dan has learned about pool construction standards from the best in the industry, so he understands the building requirements that are unique to each area in the state. That is why he builds pools that have separate decks and shells, which is the proper way to build pools in areas, such as Florida, that have high water tables.

He also is an expert in pool hydraulics, ensuring that pool plumbing is sized and installed properly, allowing his clients peace of mind that they are swimming in healthy water.

Dan takes the same care for each client’s project that he would for one in his own home, using only top-of-the-line Hayward pool products. Plus, he’s not satisfied with building to meet minimum code; Dan’s building standards exceed code requirements.

Why go above and beyond? Because Dan wouldn’t have it any other way.

Utmost integrity and character are at the heart of everything he does, and he is a firm believer in doing everything better than necessary. That’s one of the many reasons why his customers consider him honest and dependable, and it is also why they continue to refer him business and use his services.



Why Agua? Agua means water, which is the source of life. Dan wants Agua Construction Company to help people begin new chapters in their lives, much like he did after his accident.

When you are ready to start a new chapter by building a dream home, a new kitchen, a backyard oasis, or anything in between, call Dan. He would love to add you to his list of happy clients who now enjoy Agua Construction and Agua Pools-created backyard vacations.

We service Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, Ormond Beach, St Augustine, and surrounding areas.